Sep 2
About Aerial Photography
posted by: extreme in on 09 2nd, 2011 | | Comments Off

Aerial photography has a long history. Ever since the Wright brothers took their first photographs from their Wright Flyer, aviation and photography experts have wanted to capture never before seen images of the earth from the sky.

Like those before me I to have a passion for taking photographs from vantage points that would be impossible to reach if it not for flight. In recent years technology has advanced enough to allow aerial photography to be possible by not just licensed full scale pilots but also aviation rc hobbyist. I can’t say building a tricopter, or other type of multirotor aircraft is easy, but with experience and determination to work through all the obstacles, and there will be many, just about anyone can do it.

I encourage others to give it a try. There is no better feeling than creating something from nothing and going through all the steps to come to that one day where you are cruising around the local park or just hovering steady and admiring your handiwork.

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